Berlin, Germany

Decoding Cancer.

Berlin Early Cancer Forum aims to connect researchers in the cancer detection and diagnosis space to spark conversation and collaboration. It will bring together leading experts in cancer detection, diagnostics, cell and data science that leverages innovation across life sciences and diagnostics to help improve cancer research.

The forum will also serve as a platform to showcase the latest development in tumor-on-chip systems as cancer research tools and their applications in cancer medicine and research.

Vertical and Sector Focus

Berlin Early Cancer Forum


Detection & Diagnosis

  • Emerging technologies for cancer early detection & precision diagnosis.
  • Single-cell technologies in cancer.
  • Molecular diagnostics.
  • Ultrasensitive detection.
  • Diagnostic instruments, kits, & reagents.
  • Data science & machine learning in early detection & diagnosis.

New in 2024: Cancer-on-Chip

  • Design and fabrication of tumor-on-a-chip devices.
  • 3D in vitro cancer models.
  • Tumor microenvironment modelling.
  • Biofabrication of tumor microenvironment.
  • Lab-on-chip for cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Tumor-on-a-chip applications in major cancer types.
  • Applications of tumor-on-a-chip technology to studying the tumor microenvironment and drug development.
  • Integration of tumor-on-chip with advanced imaging, screening and biosensing technologies for precision medicine.